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Looking for a Reputable MOT Garagein Lower Earley?

At James Autos, we provideprofessional garage services for motorists in Lower Earley and the surrounding areas. If your vehicle is in need of car servicing or car repairs, the highly-experienced technicians at our Sindlesham workshop deliver high-standard workmanship at the best possible prices. Because we’re an MOT Garage too, MOT testing is available for car, light commercial and Class III vehicle owners from the Lower Earley and Berkshire areas.

In recent years, the average rate for vehicles passing MOT testing first time has dropped to as low as 50% in some regions. This is the lowest rate since MOT testing started in 1960. On this page, we discuss MOT failures, why they have reached such figures and how our MOT garage can help motorists in Lower Earley to avoid costly car repairs with first-time passes.

Pass MOT Testing at the First Attempt

There are many reasons why vehicles fail MOT testing, but the three main components are usually faulty lights, suspension issues and worn brakes. If you address any issues on these areas before you bring your vehicle to our MOT garage in Sindlesham, which is less than 3 miles north of Lower Earley, it could enable a first-time pass without any hitches.

Or, if you prefer, we can book you in for car servicing or car repairs before we submit your car, van or Class III vehicle for annual MOT testing. All garage services are carried out by our own fully qualified and experienced technicians.

Lights – Faulty lights are the most common reason for vehicles to fail at any MOT garage. Because changing a faulty light bulb is one of the most straightforward of car repairs, and a minor maintenance requirement any motorist in Lower Earley can handle, it’s staggering to see that this still rates at the most common reason for failure in the world of MOT testing.

The best way to check your lights is to get a friend or a member of your family to walk round your vehicle while you test the headlight, brake lights, hazard lights and indicators.

Suspension – Suspension is second highest on the list of common MOT testing failures. It can sometimes take interim or annual car servicing to uncover issues with your suspension, but there are other pointers that suspension could be failing; uneven tread wear on the tyres, bouncing over speed bumps or unusual noises when slowing down or speeding up.

At James Autos, we will carry out any necessary car repairs at our MOT garage near Lower Earley to enable a first-time pass. MOT testing, like all of our garage services, is very competitive in price and is available six days a week.

Brakes – Brakes are the third highest contributor to MOT testing failures. Alongside tyres, brakes are the most important safety feature on a vehicle. They have to be maintained and checked on a regular basis. If the brakes aren’t up to scratch and working safely, a vehicle won’t pass at our MOT garage or any other workshop in the Lower Earley area.

Regular car servicing, and even responsive car repairs, will help you avoid MOT testing issues with brakes. Remember that worn pads and discs can put you or your passengers at risk, and could increase your chances of being involved in an accident.

Call 01189 770831 to book in for MOT testing, car servicing or car repairs. We provide garage services for customers in Lower Earley and Berkshire.